Couture Collection SS21

Attention to detail, refined workmanship and structured fabrics lay the foundations for the awaited Couture project to which Camomilla Italia places its signature. Six dresses, six models, six different colors for a collection that draws inspiration from the style of six influential celebrities. A collection that aims to dress our women, during special occasions, giving them charm and refined elegance.

  • Web Design
  • UX/UI
  • Front & Back Development

Il Layout

Fluidity and elegance make the Camomilla Couture website a showcase for the protagonists in question: the clothes. Short descriptions accompany the dresses and their details, alternating with backgrounds of soft colors to enhance the colors and particular cuts of the dresses themselves. The intuitive and immediate store locator allows users to find the nearest dealer.


The new site project was created to automatically adapt to all devices, from PCs to tablets to smartphones.

Color palette