Elegance, originality and contamination

The entrepreneurial history of the De Martino family dates back to the 1960s, at the dawn of the economic recovery. Founded back in the 1959 in Naples, a city that is increasingly affirming itself for the quality of its artisan tailoring, the company's first steps are taken in the clothing sector, especially in the wholesale and marketing of prestigious brands.

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  • SEO
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Art Direction
  • UI / UX
  • Web Design
  • Back and Front End Developer


Creating new values for the brand and its collections was our first goal. Travel, discovery, art, curiosity: a Hermitage garment is never just the elements that compose it but also its history, its social dimension and all the meanings that we can attribute to it through an effective communication.

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New subscribers +6%
Post interaction +59%
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At the beginning of the collaboration the client had a handful of fb pages, open and abandoned, which gave to the potential buyer a feeling of confusion and disorientation. Today the institutional fb page of the Hermitage brand is alive and operational, welcoming potential followers and encouraging them to interact.

New subscribers +27%
Post interaction +4%


A layout built with the aim of creating an e-commerce platform that emphasizes the clothes that are the protagonists of the Hermitage brand. White leaves room for the garments themselves to tell their story, the elegance and sobriety of dark backgrounds to give space to the more institutional part of the brand. Each single product can already be customized from within its category, creating a faster process of adding to the cart. The fast and intuitive store locator facilitates the search for the store closest to the user.



The fashion industry is one of the most competitive online. For this reason, a winning SEO strategy must take into account all the On Page and Off Page aspects to achieve satisfactory results. The strategy put in place to increase the number of keys and convey target users sees the involvement of a content and infrastructural review of the ecommerce.

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